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What is the booking process for a Galapatours Galapagos cruise?

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What is the booking process for a Galapatours Galapagos cruise?

What is the booking process for a Galapatours Galapagos cruise?

Step 1: Get in touch!

We love to help people find their dream vacation to Galapagos. If you call us during office hours, one of our Galapagos travel experts will be only too pleased to answer any questions, recommend ships and itineraries, and walk you through the whole process. If you contact us via email or via our website enquiry form then we will get back to you within 1 working day.

If you have specific travel dates our experts can give you recommendations for the most suitable cruises. Once you have made your choice (or if you are enquiring about a specific vessel) we can double check the availability with the operator and then immediately reserve this for you. This secures your places on your trip of a lifetime. All of our recommendation and booking services are, of course, free of charge.

Step 2: Reserve your chosen vessel and dates

Typically, we are able to hold unpaid reservations for up to 1 week, unless there is only a short time before the departure date. We will send you written confirmation of your reservation and include full payment details. During this 7 day window, you can explore other options with us and confirm if you wish us to source your flight tickets.

Step 3: Downpayment/Deposit 
In order to confirm and guarantee your booking, we must receive a 20% deposit no later than 7 days after you receive your written booking reservation. After this time we can no longer guarantee either that the places will be available or that the price won't rise. To prevent disappointment we will automatically cancel your reservation if we don't receive your deposit by the due date stated on your booking reservation.

Step 4: Booking confirmation

As soon as we have received your first deposit and a completed passenger information form we will be pleased to send your booking confirmation. We also include useful information such as a suggested packing list, pick up, drop off and transfer information, and some great tips for your cruise.

At the same time, we will instruct the ship operator to issue you with a service voucher. This voucher sometimes takes up to two weeks to arrive, but once it does we will send it to you along with an additional booking confirmation from the ship operators themselves.

Step 5: Final payment and flight tickets

At least 80 days before your cruise sets sail you will need to pay the remaining balance of your booking. 14 days before your trip begins we will send you your flight tickets.